The locker room has yellow lockers, black floors, with splatters of grey on the wall. I am the star running back for the Georgia tech yellowjackets. I live in Atlanta in a one-story house with my mom. Dad walked out on us before I was even 5 months old. The floors are brown, moldy, and cracked. The wallpaper is peeling of the walls like a banana peel. My mom has to work two jobs to be able to put clothes on my back and food on the table. The school I go to is about an hour away from our…

The story “Varsity” by Brock Kingslay is written in 3rd person point of view due to structure of the story surrounding the word “he”. The voice presented in the story is aggressive and manipulative towards anther teammate by him constantly bullying, teasing, and showing malicious intent toward this teammate. Which is later to be found out that he has special needs. This type of point of view allows the reader to feel empathy towards the victim and put them in the mind of the bully.


“ Varsity” Brock Kingslay

He would come home with his clothes covered in wrappers and trash

He would come home crying but would never tell us why or what happened at school

After I dropped him off at school I told myself “ This cant get any worse”

When he got home that day, his eye was as dark as the night and swollen

My wife and I wanted answers but he wouldn't tell us anything

After 30 minutes of asking “Why are you not telling us?”

He caved and started crying

And gave the different types of torment he’d…

  1. ) Freedom based on Robert Hayden

There was never a day where he didn't think to escape

What other options are out there?

Is there something greater that holds the key to his success?

He wanted to free himself from the world he was living in

All he wants to do is cross the threshold.

He just needs to take the leap of faith

But he knows he will be judged, criticized, and hated for the action if done so

He thinks as he sits in fear as the world consumes him and deprives him of being able to cross…

I know what you are thinking. How is soccer more dangerous than football?People see football as more dangerous than soccer because of the pads the players have on and hearing the crack of them when a linebacker hits a quarterback. We see soccer as a sport that most kids play growing up and a sport that is globally loved. But in reality soccer is more dangerous and there are a couple of reasons why soccer is significantly more dangerous than football.

The first reason is football players are padded from head to their toes. While soccer players only have shin…

My essay is about different challenges I’ve faced through out my life. When I was born I was diagnosed with a condition called Ulnar Dysplasia, which means a short or missing ulnar bone that causes my hand and wrist to turn outward toward the pinky side of the forearm. But the challenges I face has made me into the person I am today.

One challenge I’ve faced through my life is receiving stares, comments, and heard many whispers from adults and kids. When I was young the stares and comments would hurt but I eventually got over it with the…

This story shows the how people first deflect a new idea or concept. Also showing how people can twist an idea to make the idea seem horrible. In the beginning the telephone was not widely accepted by people. People couldn't think that their voice could travel through copper wire to other people or towns. Bell’s bankers told him not to work on this investment because it would be too dubious. In fact property owners and city councils ordered people to cut down, tar, and feather workers that would put up telephone poles. It would take 4 years after the first…

Writing has helped throughout the years. I write to express myself in a way that voices my opinion, ideas, and story. I write to show a different point of view and stand by it expressing my tone and mood through the use of my words.

When I write I want the reader to know how I’m feeling. The reader should not only see the words on the paper but feel the emotion behind it. The use of my wording is very important to be able to get my argument across. …

Writing is a way to express your emotions and ideas. Writing matters because of how you are able to express yourself through out different prompts. Being able to express your ideas on paper and allowing someone else to read it and critic or share other ideas is what makes writing so great. Writing when it comes to emotions can also be very impactful. Reading the tone and mood of the story, the reader can almost immediately tell what type of emotion the narrator is portraying.


Korban Best

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