Writing has helped throughout the years. I write to express myself in a way that voices my opinion, ideas, and story. I write to show a different point of view and stand by it expressing my tone and mood through the use of my words.

When I write I want the reader to know how I’m feeling. The reader should not only see the words on the paper but feel the emotion behind it. The use of my wording is very important to be able to get my argument across. When I write I want the reader to know I stand by opinion, almost persuading them to move towards my argument.

When I write I also like to share my story. I like showing and expressing my highs and lows in life, hoping that the reader can relate to my life experiences. Also I tell my story to help motivate others. I write to show people a different light on their perspective or situation. Writing to me feels that I can motivate others. I’ve never thought about only writing for myself, but to write so that most of my audience can relate. Wether that’s how I feel or what I write. My parents have always told me that I influence and persuade people through my words. Showing people different paths and inspiring them to follow their dreams no matter how hard the road is.